Chair based classes

We need to get more older adults moving!

More older adults need to engage in physical activity to enhance their quality of life (DoH, 2011; BHF, 2015). Engaging in PA can also increase independence, functional fitness and reduce levels of isolation and depression.

Chair dance classes can help!

These fun sessions are designed to improve the functional fitness and overall wellbeing of older adults and anyone with physical limitations. Live classes are held at a local community centres and on ZOOM. Activities include simple dance routines to Latin/pop music. All classes are team taught. Community classes are followed by 30 mins social activities including conversation, tea, coffee and biscuits etc. Engagement in PA can be difficult for some older adults for lots of reasons (Little & Lewis 2016; King & Little 2017). We overcome many of these barriers through careful planning and delivery of our classes and by adopting an evidenced-based approach (NHS, 2018).

Seated Zumba

Seated Pilates coming soon!